Your story, your poetry meets

glossy litmag in digital and print.

YOUR STORY as fiction, or reality aka creative non-fiction, short story or long story, doco, straight-out journalism, essay, memoir or memo, screenplay or stage play, novel excerpt, greatest tweets etc.

YOUR POETRY aka your story that isn't prose, Nobel prize-winning lyrics, hip-hop, Instagram memes, that kind of thing.

LES BELLES IMAGES—your story in images or with images, a photo story or essay, your graphic novel, comic, cartoon, emojis, all that.

Buy the magazine to submit. We send you a link to read or download the latest issue. 

We get back to you with a yes or no to your submission ASAP.

As well as the fame and glory of your story or your poetry in the magazine we send you a trophy prize of that digital issue. Better than bitcoin, right?? 

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One story one document.


Up to three poems one document.

Up to five images.